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    ABC Monday Night Football
    Abe's Exoddus
    Abe's Oddysee
    Ace Combat Series
    Action Supercross
    AD Series
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Games
    Advance Wars Series
    Adventure at the Chateau d'Or
    Adventures of Rex Chance, The
    Adventures of Tuber
    AeroWings Series
    Agent Under Fire
    Age of Empires Series
    Age of Kings, The
    Age of Mythology
    Age of Sail Series
    Age of Wonders
    Ages Beyond Myst
    Aggressive Inline
    Aidyn Chronicles
    Air Attack Series
    Airborne Assault Series
    Airforce Delta
    Airline Tycoon Series
    Air Warrior Series
    Alien Front Online
    Aliens Versus Predator Series
    Alien Trilogy
    Allied Assault
    All-Star Baseball Series
    All Your Base Are Belong to Us
    Alone in the Dark Series
    Alpha Centauri
    Altered Beast Series
    Alundra Series
    American McGee's Alice
    America's Army
    Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy
    Amped Series
    Anarchy Online
    Ancient Conquest
    Animal Crossing
    Animal Crossing Games
    Anno Series
    Ape Escape Series
    AquaNox Series
    Arabian Nights
    Arcanum - Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura
    Arc the Lad Series
    Arkanoid Series
    Armada Games
    Armada Series - Star Trek
    Armed and Dangerous
    Armored Core Series
    Armored Fist Series
    Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M.
    Army Men Series
    Arthur's Knights Series
    Asheron's Call Series
    Asteroids Series
    Atari Anniversary Advance
    Atari Anniversary Edition
    Atlantis Series
    ATV Offroad Fury Series
    ATV - Quad Power Racing Series
    Auryn Quest
    Awakening Project, The
    Away Team
    Azurik - Rise of Perathia

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