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    Längsta Resan, Den
    Lancer Series
    Lands of Lore Series
    Land Warrior
    Last Express, The
    Laura Bow Series
    Legacy of Kain Series
    Legaia Series
    Legend of Dragoon
    Legend of Legaia Series
    Legend of Zelda Series, The
    Legend Returns, The
    Legends of Aranna
    Legion - Legend of Excalibur
    Leisure Suit Larry Series
    Lemmings Series
    Lengste Reisen, Den
    Lethal Skies Series
    Le Tour De France
    Lighthouse - The Dark Being
    Lineage Series
    Link - Faces of Evil
    Links Series
    Link to the Past, A
    Little Big Adventure Series
    Lode Runner Series
    Longest Journey, The
    Loons - The Fight For Fame
    Loopy Landscapes
    Lord of Destruction
    Lord of the Rings Online, The - Shadows of Angmar
    Lord of the Rings Series - Movie Based
    Lord of the Rings Series - Text Adventures
    Lord of the Rings, The - Battle for Middle-earth Series, The
    Lord of the Rings - The War of the Ring
    Lords of EverQuest
    Lords Series
    Lost Adventures of Legend, The
    Lost Age, The
    Lost Dungeon
    Lost Dungeons of Norrath
    Lost Kingdoms Series
    Lost, The
    Lost Treasures of Infocom 2, The
    Lost Treasures of Infocom, The
    Lufia Series
    Lunar Series

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