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    Mace Griffin - Bounty Hunter
    Madden NFL Series
    Magical Quest Series
    Magic and Mayhem Series
    Magic - The Gathering Games
    Mah Jongg
    Majora's Mask
    Mana Series
    Mandate of Heaven, The
    Manhunter Series
    Maniac Mansion Series
    Marathon Series
    March Madness Series
    Mario Games
    Mark of Kri, The
    Martian Gothic - Unification
    Marvel vs. Capcom Series
    Mask of Eternity
    Master of Magic
    Master of Orion Series
    Masterpieces of Infocom, The
    Masters of Teräs Käsi
    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
    Matrix Online, The
    Matrix, The - Path of Neo
    Maximo Series
    Maximum Pool
    Max Payne Series
    MDK Series
    Mecha Combat Simulation
    MechCommander Series
    MechWarrior Series
    Medal of Honor Series
    Medieval - Total War
    MediEvil Series
    Mega Man Games
    Men in Black Series
    Men of Courage
    Meridian 59
    Metal Dungeon
    Metal Gear Series
    Metroid Prime - Hunters
    Metroid Series
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Games
    Microsoft Golf
    Middle-Earth Online
    Midkemia Series
    Midnight Club Series
    Midtown Madness Series
    Might and Magic Games
    Might and Magic Series
    Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
    Miner Willy Series
    Minority Report
    Missile Command
    MLB Series
    MLB SlugFest Series
    Mobile Suit Gundam - Journey To Jaburo
    Monkey Island Series
    Monopoly Series
    Monster Rancher Series
    Monsters, Inc. Scream Team
    Monty Python Games
    Mortal Kombat Series
    Mortyr Series
    Mother Series
    Moto GP Series
    Moto Racer Series
    Motor Mayhem
    Movies, The
    MTV Music Generator Series
    MVP Baseball Series
    Mysteries of the Sith
    Mystery of the Mummy, The
    Myst Series
    Myth of Demons
    Myth Series

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